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Rebecca Dowell BSc (Hons) ABPI CIPD CELTA

Private Tutor in Sciences and Mathematics, Key Stage 2 to A-Level.


Based in Exeter, Devon



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Home Schooling

One of the newer tuition services I offer is that of home schooling. In some cases, due to many and varied reasons, full time school is not the best choice for a child.


One of the students I work with has home education one day per week to stretch her academically, and allow us time to explore 'off curriculum' topics which she finds interesting. Another is solely home schooled, and I am providing tuition as she works towards GCSEs in Maths and Sciences.


If you are considering exploring home education for your child, whether that's full time or just one or two days per week, and are looking for more support, why not get in touch? I'm always happy to talk about options for your family.